Making your own Holiday Place Cards at Home

How to incorporate place cards into your Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other Holiday dinner/event in just a few minutes using our holiday place card templates.

Holiday Dog

It's up to you whether you want Baxter to get a seat at the table. Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

Nothing goes together like holidays and food!

Whether it's a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey, an Easter ham, or a 4th of July barbecue—just to name a few—the holidays are a time for celebrating with family, friends, and great home-cooked meal.

Place cards are a fun way to add flavor to any holiday meal. They're also a great way to make sure everyone sits in the right place at dinner—because we all know what would happen if we sit Grandma next to the new son-in-law...

Here's the low-down on how to set your table with holiday place cards this year.

Holiday Place Cards the Easy Way

The easiest way to make your own holiday place cards is to draw from our extensive collection of holiday place card templates. From there you can pick a template and use our simple card-maker to add your guests, choose your fonts and print out ready-to-use place cards faster than you can say "turkey"!

Holiday Templates

A small sampling of some of our holiday place card templates.

Check out our place card making guide for all the nitty-gritty details of how to make and print your cards at home.

Holiday Place Cards the Ambitious Way

For the more—shall we say, inspired?—you can get quite a lot more creative and ambitious with your place cards.

Martha Stewart has a great series of guides for all sorts of different styles of holiday cards ranging from the elaborate to the even more elaborate! Our favorites include the tree place card and the peppermint candy card (pictured below).

Martha Stewart Cards

Tree and candy place cards, by Martha Stewart

If you planned ahead and are willing to shell out some cash you can also get some fantastic handcrafted items from Etsy that work great as place cards.

That's a wrap! Hope you enjoy the holidays tell Grandpa to go easy on the bourbon this year!