Unique Ideas for Wedding Place Cards and Escort Cards

We scoured the internet looking for the most interesting place cards and escort cards for weddings, and this is what we found.

Looking for inspiration for your wedding place cards or escort cards? Look no further! We've scoured the internet for different options and broken them down by category for you.

Here's the top level suggestions:

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Idea 1 - Make use of Unexpected Objects

If you get creative enough you can turn almost anything into a place card or a place card holder! Take a look at some of these examples:


Leaves are cheap and green (in more ways than one)!



Place cards don't just grow on trees... or do they? From Once Wed and Roey Yohai Photography

Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters

Super cost effective! From Papery and Cakery (with instructions)

Sea Shells



Great for a beach themed wedding. From stylemepretty and Laura Hooper Calligraphy



Okay, this one is a lot of work. You probably want to recruit some help. From Elizabeth Anne Designs, with instructions.

Idea 1a - Unexpected Objects as Holders

A riff on the "unexpected objects" idea is to make traditional flat-style place cards on card stock and use something unique to hold them. Here's some inspiration for you:



Pink paint is optional for the rustic/lazy. From Camille Styles, with instructions.



Not sure what you do with the artichoke after you find your seat. From Wedding Chicks.

Idea 2 - Make Flags and Stick them in Food

With normal paper, some toothpicks, and a bit of glue you can easily make flags with all your guest names (and, optionally, tables). Once you have those you can stick them in almost anything - though food is a very popular choice.

For example you can make:

Donut Hole-ders


Sorry about the pun. From Wedding Paper Divas

Lemon Sailboats

Lemon Boats

This would probably work well with all sorts of other fruits as well. From Marie Claire

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice Cream

Not sure how long you could leave these out for... From Wedding Chicks



Macarons - so hot right now. From Style Me Pretty



Did someone say brunch wedding? From Once Wed

Chicken Wings


Watch out for vegetarians! From Dancejock Productions


That's it for now! We've got more ideas/content in the works, and we'll keep updating this list as we find inspiration.

If you'd like to see something added, just give us a shout!

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